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 Lord's Flock Sanctuary Int'l face Multimedia

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Lord's Flock Sanctuary Int'l face Multimedia Empty
PostSubject: Lord's Flock Sanctuary Int'l face Multimedia   Lord's Flock Sanctuary Int'l face Multimedia EmptyMon Mar 02, 2009 10:47 pm

Lord's Flock Sanctuary International Face Multimedia
" Internet "

In this New Generation,We are so Proud that Lord's Flock Sanctuary International Church turn its mission in New stage of Evangelism. Facing new opportunities to share God's Word. By its Launching our New Program Website, Forum in the World Wide Web. Helped and design by our respected programmers, Jhay Ella and Ed Mirabueno; to ensure that our website will be flow with other sites here in the internet.

We believe that by this we can reach the World and to share the Gospel. cheers

Lord's Flock Sanctuary International Church face the Multimedia World.This make us excited to share the Goodness of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We all know that most of the people living in this world is now generated by the computers especially the Internet. Even a 8 year old kid can now access the internet, even though if it is a boy or a girl. They are now aware in this kind of environment most especially by having access to the internet.For this reason, We are being motivated and challenge to do more things to reach people around the Globe.Because we believe that Evangelism is a limitless, many instrument can be use. Now the Internet.

This is the start of our New Generation Mission...The continuation of Our Evangelism...the fulfilling of God's Word.

To God Be the Glory! cheers

Jesus is Lord...Jesus is Our God!


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Lord's Flock Sanctuary Int'l face Multimedia
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